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Foreign travel is very important to us, since this is about seeing new places, meeting new people, trying different food and ideally also getting to taste the wines of the region in which we find ourselves. Like everything else, our holidays have evolved: from touring holidays by car, first around Scotland then around France, Italy, Spain, Florida or California; to simply lying on a Caribbean beach with a pile of paperbacks when we were at our busiest work-wise; to wanting to strike out and tick a few more boxes before it’s too late, ie. before we seize up and decide that flying is simply not worth the effort.

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Since 2006, we have therefore spent a fair number of our holidays cruising, latterly with a road trip tacked on at one end. Our cruises have been both on sailing ships (eg. the Royal Clipper and Star Flyer) and on more conventional vessels — but still not large ships (with no more than 1,250 passengers). We reckon this is a great way to see the world, without having to get on and off aeroplanes, or keep packing and unpacking. Choosing a cruise is easy: you just need to choose the right cruise line, the right ship, the right itinerary, on the right date, at the right price. Simples! The choice of cruise line is crucial: it should ideally have the right formula — great itineraries (ideally with some days at sea and some overnights in key ports), spacious small to medium-sized ships with as high a Berlitz [Cruise Guide] rating as you can afford, meals with open seating and open dining (eat when you like, with new people every night), good food, relaxed smart casual ambience plus a gregarious and well-travelled target audience.

Along the way we have interspersed these destination-intensive holidays with city breaks to tick yet more boxes. Then, in 2015, having acquired a Tesla all-electric car we rediscovered the European road trip; something we did regularly in the 1980s and early 1990s. So while our long-haul holidays have been, and still are, a fabulous experience, we think it is also important to investigate countries nearer to home. Touring by car enables us to see our European neighbours in more depth than a cruise allows, since you are quite literally ‘on the ground’.

We are very fortunate to have travelled on every continent (apart from Antarctica), and to have set foot in 95 countries apart from our own; their flags are shown above (hover over them to see which is which). To see our travel photographs requires you to log in, but once you are logged in you can either click the globe at right for the list of all holidays, or you can click on a flag above to see holidays to that country (if there are no photos yet uploaded it will say).

obviously this depends on how you define countries: countries that are represented at the UN is one definition. In addition to these we have included territories such as Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands etc. We have excluded from this total territories such as Hong Kong & Macao (although their flags are shown in the gallery above).

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