Thursday 25 July 2024 
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simple pleasures


dew on a spider's web Not all of life’s pleasures are complicated or expensive to arrange, or need to be planned in advance; the best are simple, often spontaneous and either inexpensive or even free! They can be visual or aural, textural or oral, but they are invariably sensuous:

a sunset (or sunrise)
that ephemeral time of day when the sky changes as you watch it, defying you to capture it with a camera
maybe a blackbird, a thrush, a robin or a wren
the smell of lavender
or rosemary, or just about anything you can pick and rub between finger and thumb
a bird of prey
soaring overhead or, if you’re really lucky, dealing with its last victim
a glade full of bluebells
or any eye-popping show of flowers such as daffodils that burst forth at one time of the year, then they’re gone
picking ripe blackberries
eating them straightaway and having the little berries burst in your mouth
hot buttered toast
ideally with coarse-cut Seville orange marmalade, wild strawberry jam or a home-made jelly
early morning dew
perhaps on a spider’s web
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