Thursday 25 July 2024 
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So what is trencherman all about? Well we’re not selling anything, for a start. First a couple of definitions:
  trencherman: n. someone who eats heartily and enjoys good food
  epicurean: adj. devoted to sensual pleasures, especially good food

The trencherman website was originally born out of a simple love of good food and wine. But it has grown to be more about an ethos, a philosophy, and when we talk about the epicurean spectrum we have not only good food and wine in mind, but also convival company and pleasant surroundings; travelling the world and enjoying its natural beauty and alternative cultures; plus a wealth of other experiences including the literary, visual and performing arts. One thread that binds all these together is the creation and enjoyment of a permanent written and visual record of all of these things.

So if you prefer linguine alla vongole to Louis Vuitton; Barbera or Gewürztraminer to Bellinis or Grey Goose; or clambering in mountain boots to clubbing in Manolo Blahniks; if you know your panna cotta from your panettone, and what dulce de membrillo is; if you’d prefer to find G.S.M. in your wineglass than your mobile phone; then you’ll feel right at home here.

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